by Noldor

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released January 14, 2016



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Noldor São Paulo, Brazil

Noldor is a one man band, formed by Patrick Marçal from São Paulo - Brazil.

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Track Name: Dead By Sorrow
Gardens of rotten flesh
In edge of the earth
inner in silent
traumatized by sorrow

the pain, burning in skin
Tied in disease
Leeches, snakes
Venomous blood in me
In silence, this will disappear

At the words of a man
At the final resistance
Blind with our own collapse
Refusing the origin

Deny our own might
In the paradigm of sins
inherit did our ignorance in
all that may bleed

enthroned by death
in the most deep ocean
I bled

Today, the day
that the skies turns black
and the man who's now dead
dead by sorrow

I have found the way
But not the day
That pain will go away

Dead by sorrow
Dead by sorrow
Track Name: Past In Darkness
dead in silent
the sign of one eye open
matches a tomb of a man
he's not dead enough

your consciousness
still alive
but your body
is just a corpse

when you walk away
you awake your memories
bleeding from within
destroying yourself slowly

the spell was made
behind your eyes
your only disgrace
is your own past(2x)

burn all the memories
burn all the past
lock your mind
and hold eyes open
Track Name: The Oracle
scriptures of an temple
the disruption of an honour
the greed to be a king
was said in a old time

The human mind
since times ago
makes your

The corruption of a man
corrupting the most purest soul
The destruction of a man
Consequence of an dishonor

Lies, said through the truth
Tied, in your controlled life

The scriptures of an temple said
that this will be our future
the disgrace and decay
Made of stone and gold

The era of cold
cold like their silence
The oracle of temple
was beyond than was imagined

through the means of harmony
the rebel will be eliminated

protest through the lies
I just wonder
anyone is free?
I know is not
Track Name: Nightmare
I don't know how to stay
But i'll go away (2x)

Is just for a time
to breathe again (2x)

Awaken from your nightmare
Awaken from yourself
To see how your life...is so far...
Track Name: Curtain Of Lies
Holding the hands of death
Stabilization of an spirit
Screams from the depths
calling their names

after lifeless years
their hover in silence
dreams killed by the storm of misery

Someone cry, so far away
Behind the depths of the earth
just remain again
the awakening from fury behind us

Beyond what hides on the surface
I saw the disgrace eyes

Behind the curtain of lies
The truth is the only reality
bombarded by lies
All the fucking time!

Lies, Lies, LIES, LIEEESS!

Beyond what hides on the surface
I saw the disgrace eyes
Beyond what hides on the surface
Behind the curtain, they die
Track Name: Darkest Path
Prevail the darkness
Over me
Beyond The death

Enforced to bring
The lack of knowledge

Fire, through the unholy
Eleven, through the universe

After all, all will die
Don't forget the inner fire
the beautiful darkness will stay with us

Rebirth of new age
Beware in your path
Dont forget, we are in darkness

We are wolves in the forest
We are the silence in the trees
Light Bearer, just stay with us
Track Name: Oblivion
Towards to empire
All shall fall
In ruins of life

Beyond the gate
The purpose to death
Breaking the sky

Heaven will fall with our presence
The creation, dies
shows the deepest cries

(this is what we fall)
(this is what we fall)

I see the seas of blood
I see the awakening of lust
I see the fall of a man
I see all disgrace, again

I see
Track Name: Exitium
In the of the father
In the name of hell
I call upon you
To destroy all creation

At the cosmic gate
behold the flesh
will contemplate
My own peace

Silence will transcend
To another way
To burn my path again
In pain

Forever, screaming
It wont be long, until the end
I wont forgive
I will be king

We are victims
of lies
puppets used
by some disgrace

Deep are the cuts
Into my veins
taking part
of me

take me away
From here
Take me away
From that silence(2x)

Words cannot repay
my Constant decayment
In eternal oblivion